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Jan 27, 2020 Best Tips

Best Tips on making a long-distance Relationship Work

Nobody goes into some kind of relationship hoping it’s going to be long-distance (if you do, we’d probably have to talk). But good couples happen to LDRs, and sometimes you just want to make of a fundamentally crappy situation.

In this era of skyping and texting, it seems that it would be easier than ever to keep a long-distance relationship. The days are gone for long-range calls to pay such big sky prices that they have to be rationed like precious gems. Nobody will put all their hopes at 3 p.m. in a long-distance relationship anymore.

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Why we’re not even in the days of waiting for your loved one to settle down to check email with their computer: instant answers are all but required now (maybe a plus and a minus!). But ask someone in a relationship of long-distance: innovation can’t seem to make up for everything. The lack of consistent physical closeness still appears to make many long-distance relationships as hard as ever.

This doesn’t mean it’s not possible — many couples did the distance thing and did it well. But it does mean that you have to do specific things to keep your relationship healthy. These points are listed below

Make plans for the future.

Long-distance is a temporary arrangement in most cases that will eventually be resolved. And if that is the case, make a timeline so that your other person knows that everything is going forward and that the time you have spent missing is worth it all. If this isn’t temporary, put vacation plans on the calendar so that both of you can look forward to something. plan what you will do every time you’re together and what you want to do a distant future.

Live a life of your own too

As much as you hate hearing it, it’s so important to live your own lives. You may be alone, but only if you want to feel like that, you are not lonely. While your partner might feel like your entire world and more, it is dangerous to let your life revolve all over one person. Therefore, many long-distance couples break up, particularly if one person needs more than the other in the relationship.

Focus on quality communication.

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Surprisingly enough, some research has found that couples with long distances may generally be more happy with their contact than couples with geographical proximity. This might be because they know how valuable their communication opportunities are and don’t generally have to spoil the word on logistics every day. Use this to your benefit. When you are in a long-distance relationship, you lack the ability to connect in a high quantity compared to couples in close proximity, but you still have the opportunity to surpass them in quality.

Set a ground rule

Both of you need to be consistent in this long-distance relationship with what you expect from each other. Set some basic rules so that you don’t do anything that would shock the other side.

For example, are you two exclusive? Is it okay to go on dates for the other person? What’s your level of commitment? It’s better to be open to all these things with each other.

Avoid situations that are “dangerous.”

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When you already know your partner don’t like you going to the bar or partying with your bunch of friends late at night, then you must do 1. Do not do It or Tell your partner in advance to reassure him/her.

Stay true to one another.

Speak about your anxiety, insecurity, jealousy apathy or anything When you attempt to hide anything from your partner it will suck you up from the inside out sooner or later. Be open to one another and be frank. Let your partner help you and provide you with the support you want. It’s safer to look at the situation during its initial stage than to reveal it only when it’s too late.

Stay positive

In order to keep it alive, you need to constantly inject positive energy into the long-distance relationship. Yes, the waiting may be painful and you may feel lonely at times, but you need to remember that the fruits at the end will be as sweet as heaven.

Send gifts

Send each other postcards and hand-written love letters. From once in a while giving each other presents across the globe. Flower deliveries on birthdays, graduations and Valentine’s Day. Buy online and impress each other with trendy T-shirts, dressy clothes and so on.

Know your partner schedule

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Knowing when your partner is working and when they are free is useful. This avoids the uncomfortable situation of one partner who wants to talk and the other is busy.

This can cause undesirable tension when one partner begins to question what the other partner is actually doing. By being open about your plans or what you’re doing, you can easily prevent this. After all, when you’re in an exam or during an important business meeting, you wouldn’t want your partner to call.

Be open

In a long-distance relationship, miscommunication and disputes are bound to occur. The trick to getting through these minor difficulties and miscommunication is to be truthful and to express how you feel.

To conclude

Follow these important steps for maintaining a long-distance relationship. Other than that be real about your feeling and try to be real. Faking in relation doesn’t work for too long. So live happily even in your long-distance relationship.

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